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How To Interview A Lawyer For A Divorce

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Lawyer For A Divorce

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These are the six most important interview questions for a divorce lawyer.  You should always interview multiple divorce lawyers before deciding on one. You should prepare questions to ask each Massachusetts divorce attorney you interview once you have found several potential candidates along with Turco Legal, P.C.

1. In what fields of law do you specialize? 

It is not uncommon for lawyers in Massachusetts to specialize in multiple fields.  It is tough to be an expert in more than one area of law, but that does not mean these lawyers are not strong advocates in their chosen field.  Be wary of a divorce attorney who also handles personal injury cases, estate planning, and other areas of law.

2. Which cities do you serve, and which courts do you work in?

Knowing the courthouse where your case will be heard and whether or not your lawyer has experience is crucial.  

3. In what ways have you dealt with divorce situations before?

Inquire about the lawyer’s track record of successfully resolving cases. Do they make an effort to negotiate settlements?  Do they have a lot of experience in court?  Get the divorce attorney to describe similar situations they have worked on.

4. How will you assist me in settling my divorce?

Find out how your Massachusetts divorce attorney plans to help you settle.  Will they encourage settling down?  Do you need to do some investigating and gathering of data?

5. What certifications have you earned?

Find out what recognitions and certifications the lawyer has earned.  Attorneys who are active in the community and the “family law bar” may have connections to courts and resources that their colleagues do not.  Peer and judicial evaluations can result in various certifications, such as a fellowship in the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers.

6. Have you ever led a workshop on family law?

Professional attorneys frequently provide seminars and lectures on various aspects of family law.  CLE instructors are often some of the best lawyers in the business. What is your retainer percentage? The first payment required to employ a divorce attorney can vary widely.  The client’s retainer is held in a trust account (an IOLTA) until the attorney is paid. At this point, the money is transferred to the attorney’s operating account.  Case expenses may or may not exceed the retainer deposit.  If a lawyer requests a small retainer fee, you should be wary. If the fee seems too low, it probably is.  

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