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4 Tips to Obtain Custody of Children in a Divorce

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Custody of Children

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Divorce itself is hard enough, and the aftermath of such a life-altering event can be especially difficult when you have children. One very tricky aspect of divorce can be obtaining custody of your children. You can seek the help of a Birmingham divorce attorney if you need legal assistance.

Tip 1: Be a good parent

Even though your spouse may not be a great parent, you need to show that you are doing a good job with your children. If possible, seek support from friends or family who can give testimony as to how well you handle the responsibilities of parenting and how attentive of a parent you are. You can seek help from the court as well if it pertains to custody of a child or children and ask for recommendations on programs or services for childcare, counseling, and other matters related to your situation.

Tip 2: Do not date anyone

In order to avoid any drama or complications with custody, do not date. If you must, take things very slowly and make sure that the other person in your life is aware of how important your children are and that you have no intentions of risking losing them due to an unscrupulous relationship. Even if you are certain of the other person’s intentions, it is best to be safe than sorry and be downright cautious when it comes to dating.

Tip 3: Know the factors the court is going to consider

As far as custody is concerned, the court will look at a variety of factors. The factors the court will consider may include how long you have been separated from your spouse, the child’s relationship with each parent, and if one or both of you have had any significant relationship changes, such as a new marriage or if one or both of you are now living with someone else. While the court is going to try to determine which parent is going to be the “best” fit for custody of children, what really matters is what works best for your children.

Tip 4: Get evidence

Your spouse will definitely try to deny any allegations that you have a better idea of how to properly care for your children, but there are ways of showing that you can truly be the best parent. One way of showing support is to get evidence, such as photos, videos, or other types of evidence of your parenting skills.

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