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What to Keep in a Bag during Summers? Analysis by Ishine365

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summer skincare in your bag

Last Updated on April 17, 2022 by Journal Fact

Summer demands a lot of care for a lot of things, like your eyes, your skin, your
hair, and your health. So, we all need to stay “Summer Smart.” Dehydration is the
major problem and should be avoided at all costs, so is washed out and bad skin,
pollution, and sweat. We don’t always have the access to a washroom or a powder
room, but we have access to our bags and purses. So, we should take our summer’s
essential stuff in our bags wherever we go. In this blog, Ishine365 is sharing some
important stuff that you must keep with you during the summers to protect yourself
from any nuisance that may arise.

To prevent Sweat and Sunburn

Both of these are major summer problems. Sweat not only makes you feel
uncomfortable, but it also causes nuisance and an air of discomfort for those
around us. The smell it causes is one problem, the other one is that it can ruin your
clothes! If you’re wearing a light-colored shirt, sweat causes fading and yellowness
in the underarms or other sweaty areas. Therefore, you should either keep a
deodorant or underarms roller with you so you can reapply it as many times as
needed. Moreover, you should also avoid direct contact with sunlight. Always wear
plenty of sunscreen before going out. You should also keep at least SPF 30
sunscreen with you in your bag and apply it to your body parts that are directly
exposed to the sun. Even if you renew your makeup, apply sunscreen on your bare
skin before to avoid sunburn.

To protect Eyes and Hair

The eyes are very delicate organs. These are in direct contact with the air.
Therefore, these should be protected not only from intense sunlight but also from
dust and pollution. Exposure to intense sunlight can weaken your eyesight. Dust
and dirt can cause allergies and other damage to your eyes. Therefore, make sure to
wear good-quality sunglasses before going out. You better keep your sunglasses in
your bag, so you don’t forget those anywhere. To protect your hair, apply hair
serums or heat protectant products on it. Also, keep a scarf in your bag, so you can
cover your head whenever there is a scorching sun. The scarf will protect your hair
and neck by covering them. When your head is not directly exposed to the sunlight,
the chances of heat stroke and fainting due to dehydration are also decreased.

Water and Hand Sanitizer

Last but not least, always keep a water bottle in your bag. Dehydration should be
avoided at all costs as its roots in many health problems during summer. Whenever
you feel low in energy and dull, just take a few sips of water and you will feel a lot
better. Also, there are chances that you may go to a place where there is no supply
of clean water. Therefore, it’s important to keep a bottle of clean water with you all
the time. Moreover, it becomes essential to be germ-free during summers as we
come in contact with sweaty and dirty surfaces during the day. Germs thrive in
warm weather, causing a higher infection risk. So carry a small bottle of good
quality sanitizer in your bag.

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