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first anniversary

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The first anniversary is there and now you need to find something that you can gift to your wife but with this idea, one needs to realise this as well that the world of gifts is just complex and there is no way to figure out the right gift at the eleventh hour but you can always get them online cake delivery if you are far from them.

The years you spend together will also get you acquainted with what a person likes or but this also makes you run out of options but that is the story of people who have been together with each other for years when it comes to people who have just got married the first anniversary in itself is a milestone. The couple are just knowing each other and they are also trying to find a way to mark this anniversary as their first anniversary. There are many ways in which you can celebrate the anniversary and few are listed by in a blog as well:

first anniversary


You can always celebrate the occasion at your place, just decorate the whole place with flowers and candles and blindfold them as soon as they come from the office and just surprise them, if you think that you cannot handle the candles well as there are going to be many candles in the decoration then you can always opt for the artificial candles, they are easy to handle and there is no risk involved with them as well another thing you can choose over the candles is the fairy lights.


The first anniversary has the traditional gift of paper with it you can always decorate your wall with post-it is where you have written all the compliments, you can also opt for the decoration of bathroom mirror in the heart shape just make sure that the materials are glass friendly and they don’t leave any residue on the glass which ruins the glass.


You don’t have to do something different in this one, just the same way you surprise them with a birthday cake on their birthday surprise them with the anniversary cake this year. You can go for the red velvet cake as this symbolizes love and you can also get it in the hear shape as well, other than that you can opt for the chocolate cake which is just loved by everyone, with that if you just don’t want to go for either of the choices as they are too obvious and want to try something different then you can always go for the fresh fruit cake, this is another way to make it more special and an occasion like this asks for a dessert as well.  


You can always pick them up from work let them rest for a while take them for dinner and then just take them to the highest point in the hill and then lay a carpet there and just enjoy the sky full of stars, what else could be the better way to celebrate the night?

Make sure that you take a blanket with you and you can add some wine in the picture to make it more beautiful and they will surely enjoy it. This is another way to celebrate, you can add some flowers as well and celebrate the occasion with them.


You can always celebrate it on the spot where you first met let it be the café or a library just go back there and reminisce those times and it will be refreshing for you and you are going to reflect on how these things have changed you or shaped you from the past, you can always celebrate the occasions in this way.


You can always stay at home and reminisce over the albums there are a lot of marriage stories involved from the choice of cake to the choice of dress, you can always go for this way of spending time as it will let you know about your relationship as well and how it has shaped and spending time with your significant other is important on this day, after all, it is your day.

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