June 9, 2023

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How do I Connect Utilities for my Rental Apartment?

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Whether you are moving to your first rental house or need some guidelines on renting, you must know your fundamental rights. Well, renting a home does not mean compromising on quality living. It means simplifying and sorting out your essential utilities while paying for the property. So, discuss your tenancy agreement or rules with your landlord beforehand. Then connect electricity and gas for your rental apartment. 

Things you should know before setting up your utilities:

Before setting up your essential utilities, know your rights as a renter. While searching for apartments for rent, you have located the ideal accommodation. It features everything you want and desire, including the ideal location, pricing, square footage and secure environemnt. As a human being, you have every right to live in a safe and secure environment. Keep in mind that your safety and health go hand in hand with other utilities. So, here are a few things to ensure while renting:

  • Who pays for the utility bills- the tenant or the landlord?
  • Do you have access to electricity, gas, water, etc.?
  • Ensure the condition of locks, windows, doors, and ventilation.
  • Make sure the house is sound and weatherproof.
  • Is the place electrically safe- that means no circuit issues?

Connecting to essential utilities:

In general, you must already connect all the utilities such as electricity, gas, and water to your rental house. Also, your landlord is responsible for the installation and connections. If you pay for any service, he must know of it and adjust your rent. Moreover, if the bills are on one meter, your landlord is liable to pay them. However, you have to pay the cost of your usage. Still, you should know how to set up connections.

Renting a property? Here’s how you set up your utilities:

  1. Connecting electricity
  2. Connecting gas
  3. Contacting landlord for water facility
  4. Taking control of your internet connection

Connecting electricity:

If the situation demands you to connect your electricity, here is what you should do. First of all, look for the best deals through reliable retailers. However, it is not that easy to set up an electricity connection in a rental property. But, research is the key to finding the best deals on your premises. Once you find a trusted retailer, set up a connection date to get through the process. Also, figure out the billing method and inform your landlord. Keep the record for the future. 

Connecting gas

It can sometimes be more complicated to connect gas to a property since some companies may demand 3-5 business days for a connection to become active. It may be necessary to have someone come out to check the service at your rental property. As it may take longer than you expect, you should contact a provider in advance. 

Contacting landlord for water facility

First, you have to talk to your landlord if you don’t have a water connection. In Australia, you are independent to find your water providers. It is more challenging to connect electricity and gas than to set up a water connection. Water usage is your responsibility if your rental has its own meter. Call your provider to make an account in your name.

Taking control of your internet connection

The problem with controlling your internet is that you might be unaware of your usage. So, find the best deal for your home, contact the provider, and arrange to have a router delivered.

Talk to your agent/landlord if your rental does not have a telephone line. Also, determine who will cover the installation costs. Connection fees may apply as well. The renter must pay this.

Summing up

It is crucial to know the ins and outs of renting a house. Also, it can be tricky to connect to electricity, gas, and water. But first, clear out a few details with your landlord mentioned earlier. Then compare and connect with the best providers. Likewise, take control of your internet connection and get the best deals available.