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Having Trouble Finding Perfect Fit Straw Hat For Women? Try These Tips

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One of the most common problems straw hat lover ladies faces is finding a straw hat with just the right size and shape. There are different factors, varieties, and types when discussing straw hats. This makes it daunting to come at a reasonable and appropriate choice with your straw hats. Also, in general, women are always seen as troubling and confusing themselves when buying any fashion accessory. A perfect fit that will not only match your looks and style statement but it will also be comforting and soothing. Some crucial points are shared here to help you meet just the perfect straw hat designed only for you to save the day for ladies.

  1. Start With The Size Number

Often, you will see straw hats for women in retail stores, and if it is not large enough to fit your head, the only option is to get them adjusted in a size that fits larger than usual or more significant than your head. This will be uncomfortable from the very start. You should consider two major factors for getting the perfect fit:

  • For ladies with round face shapes:  You will find that many hats come in various sizes. But to give a feminine look, you should pick sizes 7-7.5.
  • For ladies with oval face shapes:  The best size will be around 6.5-7.0 to get the perfect fit that is not too tight or loose.

So, before starting with any size number, make sure that the person offering you this straw hat knows about the proportions of your head and how much space it has.

  • Check The Detailing  Of Your Straw Hat

The detail part of your straw hat should be considered to know how it will sit on your head. To do this, you will have to try and put on the straw hat before buying it. Firstly, if you have a high forehead, this will be fine as the fabric is wide enough, then there will be no chance of your head being hurt while putting it on. Secondly, if you have curly hair, then this will make your hair look more beautiful when wearing a straw hat created just for you.

  • Try Out For Better Adjustments

If you are unhappy with the fit of the straw hat, then you can always ask the person who is selling the hat to adjust it according to your head size. If you have purchased a straw hat and have found that it doesn’t look good on you, then try exchanging it, only if you are not sure that there is something wrong with your head size or shape.

  • Be Aware Of The Fabric Type

Consider switching to an oversized cap or bicorn for broader coverage in the back of your head instead of trying to make one with a narrower brim underneath that falls onto your forehead.If you are buying a straw hat for women, then some fabric types will be:

  • Straw Hat: This has a fragile and smooth material woven from natural fibers like wheat, rice, etc. The thinner the material is, the tighter the fit will be on your head.
  • Cotton Hat: This hat will be heavier and have a wider brim than the straw hat. Also, cotton hats are ready to wear and do not require any special care. However, the cotton material is heavy, and the brim is comprehensive, making it perfect for casual outings.
  • Straw Panama Hat: This hat will be heavier than a straw hat but lighter than a cotton hat. It is a good choice for summer wear and sports on sunny days.
  • Straw Cowboy Hat: This is one of the most popular choices with women in summer. It is naturally made from straw and has a crown and brim. The style is narrower with a very high crown than the cowboy hats usually worn in winter.

5. Stay Away From Cheap Hats

A straw hat is relatively cheap as far as fashion accessories are concerned, but this does not mean you should buy an expensive hat just because of its price tag. Do not expect a cheap hat to be high quality and comfortable simultaneously. It should be lightweight and made from thin material for better comfortability and fit. You can choose an enormous hat as your size “0.” This will be your smaller hat because it will be roomier. If you want a slouchier fit, choose a smaller “0.”

Women’s Straw Hats can be found in many styles and materials these days. You will find straw hats of various shapes and sizes, but always make sure to try on the hat before purchasing it. These points can significantly help you to buy a perfect-fit straw hat for a woman that is both fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

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