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A Very Brief Guide to Styling Your Athletic Wear

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Athletic Wear

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Finding the right type of protective wear for sports might be confusing especially with all the available choices in the market. With athleisure becoming one of the most favored subgenres of fashion, clothing companies are expanding their production to meet public demands for durable and high-quality athletic wear. 

Nowadays, athletic wear is not only worn for workout purposes but also everyday tasks like running errands. Companies have also invested in developing high-tech textiles that can cater to both men and women who are on the go. Athleisure has even become a subgenre in streetwear since it can provide both the fashion aesthetics and comfort people are looking for. 

Since athleisure can come in different forms, it might be quite difficult to figure out the right pieces that suit your style. It might also be difficult to know which textiles will provide the best type of support and durability for the activities you intend to do. In this article, we’ll provide 2 of the must-haves for the perfect athleisure aesthetic. We’ll also give you examples of how you can style these pieces to better coordinate your overall outfit.


Athletic Tank Tops

Men: When it comes to men, tank tops are one of the best protective wear for sports. It allows your body to breathe especially during rigorous workout sessions. However, a lot of men fail to see the relevance of a good-fitting top. Finding a tank top that doesn’t fit too tight or too loose is always the best option. Though many wish to fully emphasize their cuts and muscles, a super tight fit doesn’t always look as good as you think.

Women: Wearing a nice tank top can always accentuate your body in the right places. But just like men, you always have to pay attention to the way your top fits your body. Wearing a tank top that is too loose might cause a shabby appearance. It might also cause wardrobe malfunctions, especially during an intense workout. Finding the right size and material for your top can give you numerous advantages especially when it comes to durability and comfort.

Track Pants or Track shorts

Men: Wearing track pants outside the gym has become a popular choice for men in recent years. It’s a stylish and comfortable choice for people who wish to be active and fashionable at the same time. However, just like any type of clothing, you always have to pay attention to the way your track pants or shorts fit you. Always be careful of wearing oversized track pants as they already provide somewhat of a baggy fit.

Women: Women have more versatility when it comes to proactive wear for sports. Track pants and shorts typically come in different styles and cuts which is why paying attention to the way the material drapes down on your body is highly important since track pants and shorts are typically made with a more lightweight material. Choosing a more flexible color that can go well with any type of top is a smart and practical shopping habit.

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