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What Is The Starting Price For BMW Car Rentals In Dubai?

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Last Updated on January 4, 2022 by Ryan Jaxon

Dubai is the most preferred place when it comes to tourism. People from all over the world visit this exotic city to relish the luxurious ambiance. However, the best way to fully grasp the essence of Dubai is by renting luxurious cars. The car rental concept is quite common in this city and has proven to be the best alteration for public transportation. Nevertheless, among all the popular automobiles, BMW car rental price in Dubai is quite famous. BMW, a German vehicle, is not only a sophisticated-looking vehicle but also astonishingly powerful and ruthless on roads. Its charming exterior and fully ultra-tech loaded interior can make the traveling experience extra mesmerizing and mystical. Hence is the reason the car is high in demand in Dubai.

Bmw car rental price in dubai

Why Should You opt For BMW Cheap Rental in Dubai?

BMW rental is quite feasible and accessible in the metropolis. Many car rental firms are offering this exquisite vehicle on fair terms and reasonable conditions. However, BMW car rental price in Dubai vary from company to company. Some agencies offer it at an expensive rate and some of the companies have market competitive rental pricing on BMW. So, all in short you will get different rental pricing in Dubai but in this article, you can find the most general or average rental rates of BMW that are market competitive and perfectly suit your budget. Let’s scroll down:

  • Eloquent and Bold – BMW 5-Series

With this enticing BMW 5-Series, prepare for an exhilarating and outstanding experience on Dubai’s superb infrastructure. The four-door sedan possesses the capabilities and features of any high-end vehicle, and as a result, it is under rich demand, particularly in exotic locations such as Dubai. The BMW 5-series is outfitted with cutting-edge technology. Suspension, adaptive cruise control, anti-lock brakes, and powered steering all add to a fantastic driving experience. So, while this automobile has everything it takes to be one of the most spectacular and costly cars in town, you can still drive it for a very low and reasonable price.

Bmw hire in dubai

Yes, there are numerous automobile rental companies that offer this luxurious ride at a reasonable price. Isn’t it fantastic that if you call a reputable BMW hire in Dubai, you can acquire a BMW 5-series for AED 500 to 700? You won’t find such low rates at any place, but if you choose the appropriate authentic vehicle rental company, you may have a quality adventure with the least amount of financial strain.

  • The Magnificent BMW 7-Series

When we hear the word BMW, we immediately think of luxury, elegance, and comfort. BMW and its 7-series models exude opulence and efficiency on all levels. This elegant four-door car has adequate room for four travelers plus two medium-sized luggage. Aside from the spacious cabin, the inside is well-equipped with innovative technology and high-end equipment. Furthermore, the 4.4L 32V twin-turbocharged V8 engine can deliver massive power and economy on the road.

bmw for rent in dubai

Renting and driving a BMW 7-series is all you’ll need to properly appreciate Dubai’s awesomeness. While keeping its grace and sophistication, the automobile has demonstrated exceptional efficiency and bold performance on the road. As a result, the 7-series is highly popular in the city, and many people have expressed their preference for it. Although some companies charge high prices for this vehicle, there are some reputable companies that can get you this BMW model at a very low price. The price of this magnificent and invincible vehicle is between AED 1000 and AED 1400, which is super reliable for a car like the BMW 7-series.

  • The Convertible Marvel – BMW 4-Series

With the BMW 4-series convertible, you will be the center of attention at all times, as this German vehicle is excellent on all levels. This unique convertible has made headlines due to its futuristic and athletic appeal. It’s not your usual or average car. It appeals to a wide variety of tastes. The premium car isn’t the only thing that draws attention; its primary purpose is to provide comfort and luxury. The BMW is the perfect choice if you’re travelling to Dubai for work or simply want to hire an affordable premium vehicle for frequent commuting. It is both convenient and cost-effective to travel in a BMW convertible.

bmw rental price in dubai

Due to its futuristic and athletic appearance, this remarkable convertible BMW 4-series has grabbed headlines. It’s not your typical or average automobile. It appeals to a wide range of preferences. The premium car isn’t the only thing that attracts attention; its major goal is to give luxury and relaxation. If you’re travelling to Dubai for work or simply want to hire an economical quality vehicle for frequent commuting, the BMW is an excellent alternative.

Traveling in a BMW convertible is both convenient and cost-effective. This vehicle comes with all of these features and can be rented for AED 550 from a reputable luxury car rental company Dubai. Isn’t it the most affordable option? Consider how happy you’d be if you could get this world-class vehicle at such a low price, All of these features are included in this vehicle, which can be booked for AED 550 from a reputed luxury car rental in Dubai. Isn’t this the most cost-effective option? Consider how delighted you’d be if you could buy such a high-quality vehicle for such a low price.

bmw rental dubai

Affordable and Cheap BMW Hire in Dubai

Because of their high-quality services and well-maintained vehicles, BMW rental in Dubai can make even the most mundane work trips interesting and amusing. If you’re in Dubai for business or pleasure and need to rent a car right away, BMW should be your first choice. This car embodies elegance, style, a wonderful driving experience, grace, and smoothness in one package. As you can see, the BMW car rental price in Dubai is quite reasonable and gives the same level of luxury as a more expensive luxury vehicle. So strap up and take advantage of these special rental rates on your favorite BMW models to begin your adventure in style, If you are looking for suggestions, Hirecars is one of the top car rental companies in Dubai that can offer this car at incredible rates.

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