June 9, 2023

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What benefit You Will Receive When You Forgive Someone

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Forgive Someone

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The world is with a lot of people to connect with. We create friends and we talk to each other, and we can be eventually entangled in an argument, a fight or an issue which can cause us to be in outrage. It’s normal to be anger when we’re hurt or upset, and it’s extremely difficult to forgive, particularly when the people who cause us to feel this way are are closest to us. 

Some people believe that the way we forgive others reflects weak points. However, it’s actually incorrect assumption. There are certainly benefits to letting others forgive you however, and a lot of them are internal. As Muslims we believe that “internal” refers to our spiritual state “internal” refers not only to our mental health but also our spiritual well-being too. Here are few different ways of Forgiveness in Islam can benefit the soul of a person.

1. It helps you relax inside

The battle to forgive another person is something we must go through by ourselves. There is no one else who knows how we’ve been affected by the other person’s actions or words, and therefore they are able to provide a small amount of support to us. Although we may think that the person isn’t worthy of our forgiveness. There’s a famous saying about forgiveness that goes like this: “Not forgiving someone is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” No one will be affected by our unforgiving thoughts more than we do. 

Someone who’s asking (or who isn’t asking) for forgiveness probably not be feeling the same amount of hurt or distress as we do. We owe ourselves to attempt to eliminate negative feelings and thoughts. And usually, this comes when we forgive the person who caused us to feel this way.

2. It Make You High Character person

A grudge or taking revenge is simple; but making the choice to forgive others is a challenge. However, it demonstrates the power of one’s character and allows us to grow spiritually.

3. It helps you fight your inside Demons

We all have weaknesses and for some that includes the tendency to feel angry towards an individual even after they’ve offered to apologize. Giving them a sincere apology out of the depths of our souls (not simply telling them “it’s okay,” while not really expressing that) isn’t an easy but effective method to overcome this weakness. We all aren’t forgiving of ourselves, and sometimes more than we are towards other people. 

4. It earns you forgiveness from Allah

One thing that helps me to forgive others is reminding that I am aware of my mistakes and the instances when I’ve made mistakes by harming other people or my self. But I continue to hope and believe that Allah will accept my forgiveness, since Allah is the most merciful. Why should I trust Allah to be able to forgive me even for my worst mistakes and infractions and sins, when I’m not eager to be the same for other people? Allah himself explains this idea wonderfully in the Quran “Let those who have morality forgive and forget. 

5. It Helps to clean Your Heart

If we do not forgiving others, we leave the grudges to ourselves. We’re like the prisoner, bound by the memories. It’s best to let go slowly and then move forward. It’s not that is beneficial, and it can be detrimental ultimately. In forgiving, we perform a good act since Allah is fond of people who are good to others.

6. It Helps You To follow the path of Our Prophet PBUH

It is possible that we will remember the tale about our Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on his name) whom he was upset for a moment when someone did wrong to him. As his followers we have to understand how much about his sincerity and try to be kind to those who do wrong to us, as mentioned in the hadith as follows:”

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) once said: “O people! Ask for the forgiveness of Allah and repent to Him as I ask for the forgiveness of Allah and repent to Him one hundred times a day.” Their are some Sunnah examples from the life of Prophet Muhammad (P.BU.H) and sayings of Him.


Forgiving to others is vital to our success in the future. Forgiveness is the best way to find forgiveness. However, forgiving others can bring numerous spiritual and physical benefits to the world. In order to inspire us to battle our own ego and to strive to forgive with our hearts , not just through our lips, Abu Sa’id al Khudri said to the Prophet that when the believers cross with ease over Hell, they will be held at an intersection between Hell and Paradise where they can fight back against one another over the injustices that they have suffered throughout the world.