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Top Social Media Channels to Promote Your E-Commerce Site

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If you were waiting for the correct time to get into social media, you would be excited to know that social media platforms are turning into e-commerce portals, and you have to consider this. According to research, about 80% of the online strength took the help of the internet to purchase in 2014.

E-commerce is becoming easier to use because several networks are employing the “buy now” buttons, which will allow the users to buy products that they see while scrolling through social media websites. This article will discuss the top social media channels to promote your e-commerce website.

Facebook for E-Commerce

The world’s most used social media platform is Facebook, without any question. The full and perfect scale of the audience of Facebook focuses on their platform key to drive the most potential users to your e-commerce site.

Facebook is not completely focused on making a shopping spree on Facebook’s platform itself, unlike some of the social media sites discussed below. Instead, the actual position Facebook is an expert in is targeted advertising.

And, we have all watched it turn into an essential part of e-commerce user acquisition hacks and strategies. Facebook is an excellent platform to perform online marketing campaigns.

Instagram for E-Commerce

Due to its highly visual nature, Instagram allows e-commerce marketers to get an attractive way of marketing products. Facebook owns Instagram. Also, it allows the customers to tag businesses in their posts and help them promote relatable products.

The Instagram audience is super vast, with more than 104 million users. As a result, Instagram has the most excelled e-commerce characteristic features among the leading social platforms. Two of the most important features of Instagram are Instagram Shopping and Instagram Checkout. In addition, you can use Instagram for online marketing campaigns.

Pinterest for E-Commerce

Pinterest might not be one of the topmost social media platforms, but it has the highest ranks for platforms with an e-commerce plan. This portal is popular for its variety of aspiring, creative posts based on products.

This site has a smooth alignment with the user journey. It has 250 active users monthly. Of course, the users are fewer, but it can link social media and e-commerce. For example, almost all the users of Pinterest are using this platform to plan some purchases.

Rich pins are one of the most interesting and attractive features of Pinterest that commercial brands chase after. Search for an online marketing campaign on the web.


With that, we have concluded this article. We hope we can help you with the top social media channels to promote the e-commerce site mentioned above after thorough research. The world of social media needs to embrace your marketing strategy wholly.

You have to include social sharing buttons on your website for your clients. So, they can share the products they like and have purchased. Also, they can subscribe to your email list by encouraging their social media connections.

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