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Taking care of your toddler

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parenting toddler

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Parenting a toddler is both endearing and hard. Your baby is in the cute stage where they still want your attention, are picking up skills, developing cute reactions and thus are very fun to have around.

At the same time, they are getting to the terrible twos, are becoming harder to manage, easier to lose track off, become more demanding and are a bundle of energy, whereas you are a bundle of lethargy.

Therefore, parenting toddlers is not without its challenges. Parenting them is not just a matter of raising them but raising them right.

Their growth and development need to be carefully monitored, and any issues then need to be taken to their Child specialist in Lahore.

There are various other factors that need to be considered when parenting the toddlers. These include:


Having a proper diet is important for the health of the child. It is better that you keep them away from sugar and all things sweet. Similarly, giving bland foods is better so they do not get used to seasoning; developing a sophisticated taste palate can wait!

You should aim for three big meals, and snack throughout the day. The usual calorie requirement falls something between 1000 to 1200 calories. You child may not follow a fixed schedule so feeding can be a challenge.

Try to give them soft foods of different types. If the food and bites are too big or hard, there may be a risk of choking.

Focus on giving natural foods, instead of processed ones. Vegetables and fruits also make for a great snack. Oatmeal or porridge for breakfast is a good choice as well. Try to also include good sources of protein like legumes etc.

For drinking, stick to milk or water, as fruit juice is packed with too much sugar that is certainly not good for the child.

Physical activity

Your toddler will get plenty of movement on their own, as they are rather restless, but also try to add at least 30 minutes of structured physical activity like walking. Similarly, alongside encouraging them to play, also push concepts like colors, numbers, letters to improve their cognitive skills.

You can also take up focused activity with your toddler to improve their motor and cognitive skills and spend quality time with them.


Toddlers are indeed a safety hazard, especially the ones who have started walking. Hence, be sure to lock up all the cabinets, especially if they contain dangerous fluids like cleaners etc.

Baby proof the entire house so that they do not get injured. Put safety gate around the stairs. Do not put things that may hurt the baby in their arm’s reach.

Likewise, keep the windows and glass doors closed when the toddler is around. Do not leave them around pool and other dangerous parts of the house. If you have a bathtub, then make sure the water levels are safe for the baby.

During commute, make sure that the baby sits in their car seat, firmly buckled to the backseat of the car.


Toddlers need around 14 hours of sleep, and if they do not get as much, they also might become cranky as a result. While most toddlers can sleep through the night, some might still have problems with it. It is suggested that you stick to schedule naps so they can sleep at night. Also, encourage the child to sleep earlier in the evening.

Visiting the doctor

It is only natural for children to get ill. Ear infections, cold, fever, rashes, etc. Some of common complaints that then require a visit to the doctor.

You need to visit the doctor at various intervals for immunization. Moreover, you child also needs to be screened for various ailments like autism, tuberculosis, obesity etc. Hence, be sure to book your appointment via oladoc.com timely and get the necessary screenings and shots. 

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