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Step by Step Guide to Make a YouTube Banner in Adobe Photoshop

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YouTube Banner

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The YouTube banner is among the first things viewers will see when they visit the YouTube Channel. Professionally designed channel art provides viewers a quick visual glimpse of who you’re. If your channel has cheap or tacky art, viewers may perceive your channel as cheap/tiny. If your channel’s artwork is professional, they will glance at your channel more carefully. 

Whatever message you wish to convey, similar to an author’s book cover only need only a few seconds to catch the attention of your viewers. This blog article, we’ll discuss how you can Make a YouTube Banner.

One of the most difficult tasks in creating the YouTube banner is to create an appealing design that is compatible with every device. A few people are watching YouTube using their television screens Others view it on their laptop or laptop. 

In the end, 80% of viewers are watching YouTube via their mobile phones. It is essential to design an attractive YouTube Banner that looks good on all devices, but especially the phones of people.

Guide to Make a YouTube Banner in Adobe Photoshop

YouTube Banner Step 1

To make an YouTube banner that appears great across all devices, you’re going to need to ensure you’ve got the proper dimensions. In Adobe Photoshop, you’re likely to need to create an 2560 x 1400 px document. For making it simple, you can download our template here. 

Simply click the image and you’ll be taken to a page that displays the full-sized image. After that, right-click and click “save image as. “

YouTube Banner Step 2

To create the filled (solid colour) background layer click”plus” (create the new layer) icon under the tab for layers to make an empty layer. Then, go to the toolbar to the left of photoshop , and then click”paint bucket”. Then choose the color. When you have the color for the background layer selected, you can click on the layer that you have made to fill the layer with the chosen color.

If you decide using a genuine photo for the background for your YouTube Banner background, navigate to your folder’s tab. In the Folder, select the image you want to incorporate into Your YouYube Banner and drag and drop it into your YouTube Channel Art Template. 

Once you’ve dropped the background image into your project , you can use the draggable outline around the image to adjust the size, and then press enter. If you’d like to change the dimensions of your image to a greater extent, press the keys Ctrl and T (Free Transform) to launch the transform tool for free in order to change the size or rotate your image.

Step 3 While making YouTube Banner

It could be your author’s headshot as well as your logo, your book cover or any other objects you wish to display to include in the YouTube Channel Art. Make sure to remember to press Ctrl and T (Free Transform) to alter the size, rotate or even skew your import images to fit perfectly within the banner.

Step 4 How to make Banner

In the next step, you’ll need to add some text on the YouTube Banner. To add text, you’ll need to click the T icon for text on the left of the toolbar. After you click in the text tool,, you must click on a specific spot inside the YouTube Channel Art and draw the box. 

This is the text box which you can alter and modify. To adjust how big your text appears,, you can alter the size or spacing as well as other font details using your character box. If you are unable to notice the character box on your photoshop tools , simply click on the top right corner of your screen Window Scroll down until you see the word Character and click to insert the checkmark to toggle. The character panel visible in which you can manage your typing.

Final Step 5

The last procedure is flattening the project layers before saving everything. In order to flatten the YouTube Channel Art, navigate to the right side of Photoshop to the Layers Panel. In the Layers Panel you can click on any non-text layer, then right-click and then click Flatten Image. 

After your image has been flattened, you can choose to click Ctrl Shift and S (Save as) or scroll towards the very top of your dashboard in Photoshop and click File Save as.

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