October 28, 2021

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Smartphone Buying Guide – Smart Tips for Right Purchasing

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If you are thinking of buying a Realme phone or any other smartphone, then there are many factors you will have to consider before you make a decision. Remember, each smartphone is different. If a phone has a distinct advantage in software capabilities, then the other will be better in hardware and so on.

Also, some phones have 4GB compatibilities only but others may support 5G as well. Whatever you are looking at – a Realme 5G phone or a Xiaomi 4G phone; buying the right phone is possibly the biggest decision you may ever take. 

Given below are some tips you can consider while buying a smartphone:

1. Display

Your experience of using a smartphone rests on what you see and touch. This is why you need to choose the display of your phone wisely. You can choose between AMOLED and LCD screens for your phone. The difference between the two is in their visibility in sunlight and brightness.

A Realme phone with an AMOLED panel will cost you more than a similar phone with an LCD panel. The color reproduction and viewing angles are a lot better in phones having an AMOLED panel as opposed to those having an LCD panel. 

2. Processor

The heart of any smartphone is its processor. The speed with which the phone does its task, including processing graphics, daily tasks, photo and video capturing are all dependent on the quality of the processor includes in the phone. The better the processor, the faster will be the phone and the higher will be its price.

Flagship phones normally have a higher-end processor while a budget category phone will have a processor that is capable of handling simple and easy tasks. Also, a 5G compatible processor in, say a Realme 5G phone will cost you a little more than a similar phone having a 4G compatible chipset.

3. Battery

You should take the battery capacity of your phone seriously while purchasing the device. Having a small battery in your phone means you will be prompted to charge it more than once a day. Having an exceptionally large battery means your smartphone may become bulky and heavy.

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Select an ideal battery capacity for your smartphone. You can easily find a Realme phone with 5000mAh these days. This should help you get through a typical day without any additional charging process. 

4. RAM and ROM

You also need to check your phone’s RAM and ROM capacities while making a purchase. But before you do this, identify your needs and budget. The higher the RAM and ROM capacities, the higher will be the price of your phone. A Realme 5G phone with 12GB RAM will cost you more than a similar phone having 4GB RAM.

The RAM size indicates the phone’s ability to store temporary data and run simultaneous applications. If your budget is less and requirements are even lesser, go for a phone with lesser RAM capacity. However, if you are an avid gamer or a multi-tasker, go for a smartphone having greater RAM capacity. 

5. Build Quality

Your phone’s design and build quality also need to be determined to get the best experiences out of it. It is common to see phones with glass or polycarbonate bodies these days. While the former gives a smartphone a premium look, the latter makes the phone lighter in weight. There are also smartphones that come with metal bodies. However, these devices cost you a lot more.

6. Software Updates

It is common for smartphones to have a bug or two hidden in the system. Having more of these bugs in your Realme 5G phone can easily ruin your experience in using it. There are also chances that you may have to compromise on the security of your phone.

Therefore, while selecting a smartphone for your needs, select one that belongs to a brand known for providing software updates regularly. This way you can be sure that your smartphone will remain bug-free for the longest time. 

7. User Interface (UI)

Just as important hardware is for your enhanced experience of using a smartphone, the UI also determines how your experience is going to be in using a smartphone. A cleaner and leaner UI means you can get the best out of your phone’s hardware and software specifications and your experience of using the phone will be better.

If you want to stay away from unwanted notifications and bloatware, consider a phone that provides a near-stock Android experience. 

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