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My Ordinary Life Lyrics by The Living Tombstone

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My Ordinary Life Lyrics by The Living Tombstone

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My Ordinary Life Lyrics: Below you can find the lyrics to My Ordinary Life by The Living Tombstone. Since its release, My Ordinary Life Lyrics has been a hit. My Ordinary Life was a huge hit thanks to its beautiful rendition by The Living Tombstone. Scroll down for the My Ordinary Life Lyrics.

My Ordinary Life Lyrics by The Living Tombstone

[Intro (Japanese)] Jā, iku zo Jan, ken, pon!

[Verse 1] They tell me keep it simple, I tell them take it slow I feed and water an idea so I let it grow I tell them take it easy, they laugh and tell me “no” It’s cool, but I don’t see them laughin’ at my money though They spittin’ facts at me, I’m spittin’ tracks, catch me? I’m spinning gold out my records, know you can’t combat me They tell me Jesus walks, I tell them money talks Bling got me chill, ’cause I’m living in an ice box They tell me I’ve been sleepin’, I say I’m wide awake Tracks hot and ready, so they call me Mister Easy-Bake They say the grass is greener, I think my grass is dank Drivin’ with a drank on an empty tank to the bank.

[Pre-Chorus] Do you feel me? Take a look inside my brain The people always different but it always feels the same That’s the real me, pop the champagne The haters wanna hurt me, and I’m laughin’ at the pain.

[Chorus] Stayin’ still, eyes closed Let the world just pass me by Pain pills, nice clothes If I fall, I think I’ll fly Touch me, Midas Make me part of your design None to guide us I feel fear for the very last time.

[Verse 2] They tell me that I’m special, I smile and shake my head I’ll give them stories to tell friends about the things I said They’s tell me I’m so humble, I say I’m turning red They let me lie to them and don’t feel like they’ve been misled They give so much to me, I’m losing touch, get me? Served on a silver platter, ask for seconds, they just let me They tell me I’m a God, I’m lost in the façade Six feet off the ground at all times, I think I’m feelin’ odd No matter what I make, they never see mistakes Makin’ so much bread, I don’t care that they’re just being fake They tell me they’re below me, I act like I’m above The people blend together, but I would be lost without their love.

[Pre-Chorus 2] Can you heal me? Have I gained too much? When you become untouchable, you’re unable to touch Is there a real me? Pop the champagne It hurts me just to think, and I don’t do pain.

[Chorus] Stayin’ still, eyes closed Let the world just pass me by Pain pills, nice clothes If I fall I think I’ll fly Touch me, Midas Make me part of your design None to guide us I feel fear for the very last time.

[Outro] Lay still, restless Losing sleep while I lose my mind (Yeah) All thrill, no stress All my muses left behind (Left behind) World is, below So high up, I’m near divine (I’m so high up) Lean in, let go I feel fear for the very last time.

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My Ordinary Life Lyrics and The Japanese Anime

My Ordinary Life Lyrics sang by The Living Tombstone that uses samples from the Japanese Anime, “Nichijou”, by Kyoto Animation. It is also important to note that nichijou can be translated into English as everyday or normal. This likely accounts for the song’s title.

Unverified information was provided by a user who emailed Yoav the song’s creator. My Ordinary Life Lyrics singer stated that Yoav wrote the lyrics with the idea that it would be a parody on modern rap and, to a certain extent, the music industry.

What is an ordinary life?

Ordinary Life

Is a whole-life insurance contract that covers premiums for as long as the insured lives. The contract does not mature and is not payable until the named insured turns 100, or dies.

Details of My Ordinary Life Lyrics

Movie/Album: Original Tracks November 23, 2017, song: November 23, 2017. The Living Tombstone: Singers The Living Tombstone: Music Composer

My Ordinary Life Lyrics taken from original tracks

This song is Sam Haft and The Living Tombstone’s best. Through his unique voice, My Ordinary Life Lyrics singer gave life to this song. The Living Tombstone fans can’t get enough of this beautiful song. Because of the song’s catchy tune and easy lyrics to remember, it is very easy to memorize the lyrics.

The Living Tombstone

Interesting Facts about My Ordinary Life Lyrics Singer

Soon after its release, the song from Original Tracks went viral. The song, sung by The Living Tombstone has been a hit with thousands of people. My Ordinary Life Lyrics Song success is due to the lyrics by Sam Haft and The Living Tombstone. This song is yet another example of Sam Haft and The Living Tombstone’s ability to deliver the goods. This song will never be forgotten.

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Why is My Ordinary Life Lyrics Singer famous for?

Yoav “Koolfox”, also known online under The Living Tombstone is an Israeli-American YouTuber. He is best known for his original songs as well as remixes and covers of other songs and parodies.

What kind of music does the living gravestone play?

Rock The Living Tombstone started creating songs, a mix of electronic and rock music. His songs from the past were often moombahcore or rock.

The Living Tombstone’s top songs -My Ordinary Life Lyrics

The Living Tombstone is well-known for his hit songs, such as

  • Tracks
  • Stations
  • Countries
  • Top Radio
  • Lazy
  • 1000 Doors

Below are some interesting facts about The Living Tombstone

First song – Love Me Cherilee by the singer The Singer’s Nationality is Israeli-American Genre – Koolfox the Singer

November 23, 2017, My Ordinary Life

It was produced by Fruutella and Orko, as well as Recursion Music. The song is a joy. It was released November 23, 2017. It will make you feel euphoric and fascinated by the lyrics. You are here to search for the lyrics.

Here are some facts about My Ordinary Life Song lyrics

This song was released on November 23, 2017. Sam Haft and The Living Tombstone are the lyrics to this song.

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