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Here’s How to Make your French fry Sales Soar

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French fry are the most beloved fast-food all over America. A burger or a wrap without fries seems incomplete whether you have them at home or eat them out. As time passes by, we opt to see many innovations in the fast-food industry with the fries. So if you are the owner of a fast-food restaurant and want to sell more of your fries, start working on the below points.

  1. Introduce some new flavors
  2. Have tailor-made French fries boxes
  3. Promotional Activities.

Make your sale rise by introducing some new flavors:

French fries are all about the flavors. No one likes to have plain fries these days. With the passage of time, many restaurants have come up with the idea of introducing some new flavors. And if you want to entice your sales up, you must start working on your recipes. You can introduce some spice to your fries or maybe add some cheese powder to it to make the flavor of fries cheesy! You may pack it in French fries boxesif you wish.

Spice up your life with various flavors of fries!

It is imperative that you select a variety of French fries that suits your taste. Russets, red potatoes, yellow potatoes, and Yukon golds are the most common types of potatoes for fries. Among them, russets are the most popular. Those that are starchy and hold their form better when cooked are among the most popular. In addition, they contain less sugar than other varieties (resulting in a quicker browning). All three types of potatoes can be cooked to make fries, but you will need to adjust the cooking time to suit each kind of potato. Serving them in french fries boxes would be a perfect way to show off your product!

Have you heard of loaded fries?

List Of Restauwants With Loaded Fries In Gujranwala

Many restaurants are coming with the idea of loaded fries, I remember my last visit to a restaurant, and I was getting the loaded fries for myself out of curiosity. They present it like it is some variation on pasta or a pizza. Give you a fork and a knife to eat loaded fries. And I was so amazed at just how much one can do with fries. It is, therefore, essential for you to provide something new to your customers if you want them to be more loyal to you!

How does packaging contribute to your business’s success?

You must be wondering, how does packaging can help you to achieve more in the business? Packaging attracts your customers more than you can think. The packaging does not only protect your food from moisture. But it also gives an outfit to your product. Imagine a product packaging with no graphics. Would you think that it would attract anyone at all? The answer is a straight no! This is why you need to have custom French fry containers for your fries!

How does one entice the visual on their containers?

With a French fry boxthat is visually appealing, you can make your product stand out and gain many customers’ attention. Moreover, you can customize your visuals on the packaging according to your requirements. When a holiday is around, your customer is more likely to buy your product if it reminds him/her of the holiday. Just as Christmas went by, adding a Christmas base theme to your French fries packaging can achieve the attention of more customers! This way you can give them a vibe of the holiday and as well as can have new customers.

Custom Fries Boxes With Personalized Logo Design/Artwork printing. – Quality Packaging Solutions

You must be thinking all of this packaging stuff must be costly. But that is not the matter with French fry boxes wholesale.

How to achieve cost-effective packaging?

Custom packaging is not as expensive as you might think! When you choose to go wholesale, you have the opportunity to be cheap and clever simultaneously! How? For a better understanding, when you buy anything in bulk or more than three hundred its is qualified as wholesale. And when you do so, the wholesale packaging firms will give a readily lower rate. And it will help you to have your custom packaging in a timely and cheap manner! Moreover, you can also avail of some benefits. And also free services out of wholesale, such as free shipping and free graphic designing.

Lastly and most importantly, promoting your brand can help you sell more:

How so? Promoting your brand is a campaign to make your customers know that your brand exists. And promotional activities display that your brand is trustworthy! You can either advertise your brand on social media apps, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more. Or else you can do it by your packaging as well.

There is no substitute for quality!

In order to ensure a good result, you should check the quality of the potatoes before cooking. You want to lift potatoes as soon as possible from the ground, while roots are still attached. In addition, using potatoes without blemishes and without being washed with tap water is best. Let the potatoes be their natural shape, and choose potatoes that have a diameter of at least 4 inches. Look at them a little later with a flashlight after you have buried them. Do not peek at them until they have been buried safely. Make sure you choose a firm potato and don’t pick up one that is too small to fry without ripping it open by accident.

How does packaging help you to make your brand equity better?

Having custom wholesale packaging can do a lot of things for your business that you can’t even imagine! How so? You can ask your packaging firm to put your brand initials on the boxes you want to use for your products. This way, whenever your buyer purchases from you, he or she will remember the name of your brand. And in return, this will help you to gain new customers as they will recommend your brand to others.
Custom Boxes Manufacturer - Custom Box Printing

As the famous marketer once said, “No promotion is better than the promotion you get from your customers.” Hence, this is why I recommend you to use your French fry boxes to the full mean. And to achieve more via custom-made French fry containers!

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