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Can lockdown affect the cinema industry in 2022 again?

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lockdown affect the cinema

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In general, we can witness people are excited about watching movies for various reasons and occasions, but you might wonder why lockdown affect the cinema. When it comes to watching movies, there are several ways that have been created in recent times. Before some years, only the theatre is considering as the way to visit and watch movies. Nowadays, you can get an opportunity to watch the latest releases on OTT platforms too. At the same time, it is important to know that when it comes to handling OTT platforms, you should complete the subscription charges.

For information, if you have a look at OTT platforms, there are several available to choose streaming platforms like Amazon prime, NetFlix, Disney+hotstar and more. Based on your wish and convenience, you can go ahead with the best one and stream your favorite contents. However, the best thing is each and every week you can expect the contents which are getting for the stream available for the users. As per your wish and convenience, you can go ahead to stream. Now, the question is mainly rising among the people like in which way cinema will affect due to lockdown. To know more information, you can even go ahead with cinevoly.

Will theatres occupancy affect box-office collection?

For information, as we all know that due to lockdown, most of the theatres globally have shut and resumed after covid 1 and 2. However, as per the sources, wave 3 is getting ready to hit as we can witness the cases which are getting increase in recent days. Due to this reason, most of the theatres have returned to 50% occupancy again. For sure, this thing will affect the box office collection. Recently, most of the biggies are postpone from Pongal and various other occasions like the sankranti special.

According to the sources, pan indian movies like Valimai, RRR, Radhe shyam are postpone from upcoming occasions. The main reason for postponing the movies is as their budget is huge and which will not compensate with 50%. This could be the essential reason why makers have decided not to release now. Also, the covid cases are getting increased as the days are passing. The important thing for sudden rise in cases is omicron. Despite being considered less effective it has the potential to spread like a wildfire than delta virus. Hopefully, the movies will find the right date to release their movies for the big screen experience.

Are small movies targeting theatres for this Pongal?

Like we mentioned earlier, with the huge budget, some biggies have postponed their movies. Now, with 50% occupancy, movies like Enna solla pogirai, naai sekar, rowdy boys, carbon and more are targeting the cinema halls. So, people are all looking for this Pongal to watch the movies on the big screen. If you are the one who is really interested in welcoming the small movies to watch and spend your valuable time during the Pongal holidays, then this could be the right time. Before that, there are certain things that the common people should follow without skipping.

Yes, the government has shared already about the safety precautions to be followed while going to the theatres. For information, with slight restrictions, TN government has allowed the theatres to run with 50% occupancy. Due to this reason, many small budget movies targeted Pongal and now movies are getting ready for the release. On the other hand, we can also witness that movie like anbarivu has released in Disney+hotstar. Well, the movie has garnered some positive vibes among the people. Likewise, any other OTT platforms are ready to release some more movies for this occasion.

OTT dominating in 2022 due to lockdown affected the cinema theatres

As the years are passing, people are very much interested in watching the movies on OTT platforms itself. Yes, when it comes to theatres, they need to spend more money on watching. Instead, they are opting this option which will also be more comfortable for the people to stream at any time. Even during covid pandemic, millions of them globally turned to users of various OTT platforms. This shows how OTT is rising among the people. All you need to do is complete the subscription charges.

When it comes to subscription plans, you can find monthly and annual. Based on your wish and convenience, you can choose the right budget plans and get ready to stream your favorite contents without any hassles. The best part is most of the OTT platforms are getting update at the regular interval of time. This is one of the main reasons that people are interesting in OTT platforms and watch their favorite content with their family in a good comfortable zone. Also, people have started to think to stay away from covid and crowd in theatres, OTT is the only best option to stream their favorite contents.

Visible OTT domination

In last two years, we can see that some of the biggies like soorarai pottru, jai bhim and more movies got direct release in Amazon prime. This shows the massive viewership among the people. On the other hand, Master movie got released in a couple of weeks directly on OTT post theatrical release. This movie too garnered huge impact in OTT. Well, this is the main thing clearly shows that the people are keen about accessing OTT platforms at their home instead visiting the theatres. Also, OTT has the domination in recent years.

So, if the movies are not release in theatres, people come to this state and realize that the OTT has the potential to offer loads of entertainment. So, whenever people are excited about watching the movies on different streaming platforms, they must be aware of the plans available. When it comes to Netflix, plans are available at a reduced rate. So, without going for a second thought, you can choose and utilize it in the best way. However, some of the movie makers are in deep trouble due to piracy. Hopefully, people will avoid using pirated sites and go for OTT at low cost price that too legally at any time in general for sure.

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