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James Westly Welch Biography in detail

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James Westly Welch

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James Westly Welch was the husband of Raquel Welch. Their marriage was stayed for short time and they split. James Westly Welch was Raquel first husband, but not his last. James Westly Welch, the mysterious personality. Everyone is interested in is James Westly Welch bio. What is his secret identity? Where did he go? Who is he? Many questions have been raised about him, which is perfectly normal since he appears and disappears into thin air like he never existed.

We have gathered all the information for our readers. Lets dig into the detail of James Westly Welch.

James Westley Welch Bio

James Westley Welch was the ex-husband to Raquel Welch, the most famous American actress. She was the most loved and admired actress of all time and she gained fame in the shortest time. Raquel Welch also won awards in a variety of categories which allowed her to sign a contract with 20th Century Fox and negotiate the deals.

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James Westley Welch

Raquel Welch was 81 years of age while she was born on the 5th September 1940. Despite living longer than she expected, many people believe that Raquel and James were the only couple who ever married.

James Westly Welch Birth

James Westley Welch was born on 29 January 1937. He lived a life that was far more fulfilling than any other person of the time. Raquel Welch was his wife. He had two children, Tahnee Welch was his beloved daughter and Damon Welch his son. Both his children loved him dearly, and still do so as their father.

James Westly Welch was born in 1937. His life came to end on 23 November 2019. In 2019, he was recognized as Raquel Welch’s ex-husband. His wife, who still uses the surname of her husband, after his death.

Damon Welch (Son)
Tahnee Welch
Tahnee Welch (Daughter)

James Westly Welch Career

James Welch is a well-known publicist and agent who helped people learn more about particular brands and companies. Although it is not known what brand or company he worked with, it has been proven that he was a publicist for a large company helping to promote their brand.

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James Westly Welch Family

James Westley Welch had Raquel Welch his soulmate. They spent a lot of time together before he died. Although he had to leave at an advanced age, he still left behind Raquel Welch, his children from God, to ensure that his wife could live a happy life without worrying or stressing about anything else.

James Westly Welch was too attached to his wife, which is why it still breaks many hearts. His death was not yet revealed and information regarding his death has been kept secret.


James Westly Welch associated with the most famous actress. We have not been able to find any information further information on James. We wish Raquel all the best as James Westly Welch was her first love and a support figure.

James Westly Welch FAQS

1- Who was James Westly Welch?

James Westley Welch was the ex-husband to Raquel Welch. She was one of the most famous American actress.

2- When James Westly Welch was Born?

James Westly Welch was born in 29th January 1937 in America.

3- When James Westly Welch was died?

James Westley Welch was died in November 2019. His age was 82 when he died.

4- Who was Raquel Welch?

Raquel Welch was famous American Actress. She was married with James Westly. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted for a very short span of time.

5- Does James Westly Welch has any children’s?

Yes, James has 2 children’s. One Son named Damon Welch and Her daughter named Tahnee Welch.