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How to Start a Blog on Instagram

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If you’re interested in starting writing on Imginn Instagram but don’t have the time to setup your own website, you’re at the right place! The process of starting your own blog using Instagram is simple and easy to do. It is done in less than one hour. Continue reading to find out the steps needed to begin an account on your Instagram blog.

The world of blogging has changed over time and the platforms users turn to for information, have also changed. The most significant change is the switch from blogs on websites to microblogging.

A powerline blog is a method to communicate information using brief, simple posts. Think Instagram and Twitter!

Ideas, Tips, and Examples

These are steps you need to follow to create your own blog on Instagram.

1. Create an Instagram “Creator” Account

The first step to start your blog on Instagram is to sign-up for Instagram and then turn you account on your personal Instagram account into an account for creators.

Instagram currently has three kinds of Instagram accounts including business, personal and creator.

Creator accounts were designed specifically for influencers and bloggers (among other people).).

A creator account comes with numerous benefits that we’ll talk about once I demonstrate how you can change the account you have on Instagram accounts from private to Creator.

To begin, go to Instagram.com or open the Instagram application and then follow the steps to sign up.

After you’ve created your Instagram account It’s time to move to a Creator profile.

As opposed to companies in this case, you do not have to establish an account on Facebook to create an account. If you wish to connect your Facebook page to your account, you are able to, but it’s not necessary.

For the first step, go to your profile, then hit the hamburger symbol at the upper right corner.

In the menu below you can click to “Account“.

Then next, you need to select “Switch to Professional Account“.

Once you have completed the process, you’ll be able to choose which account you would like to create either a creator account or one for business.

You can pick which one you prefer however, it is important to note that the account creator was created specifically for influencers.

Benefits of a Creator Account When Blogging on Instagram

After you’ve set up your profile for creators and you’ve got your profile set up, let’s discuss what you can gain from creating a profile for yourself when you are planning to create your own The fall cast blog on Instagram.

Instagram Insights

Instagram allows creators to look into their own insights and analysis.

This makes it very easy for users to understand the characteristics that their following has, their ideal time to publish for better engagement as well as the reach of each individual post, and more. Click here for an instagram logo maker for your blog by Adobe Express.


With a creator account you can promote posts similar to boosting posts in Facebook. It allows users to increase their profile’s visibility to increase their reach.

There aren’t any ads to be had but it’s a great alternative to have!

Links Within Stories

If you have more than 10,000 followers, then you’ll be able to profit by the addition of links to Instagram stories. Instagram stories! It is possible to direct people to a specific link by making your followers “swipe up” on your story.

If you don’t have a blog you might not be able to see the value of this but there’s many opportunities to earn money through Instagram even without a blog.

2. Find Your Blogging Niche

It could take the form of step one or 2 based on the way you feel about it, however, it’s crucial to discover a specific area of interest.

Niches can be very narrow (and extremely specific) or wide.

If you’re stuck trying to figure out an idea on which to launch an Instagram blog, you should ask yourself these questions:

  1. What does my audience want to see from me?
  2. Can I assist my viewers?
  3. Which kinds of companies would I like to collaborate with?
  4. What topics will I be able to consistently write on?

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3. Revamp Your Instagram Bio and Profile Photo

The details of your profile bio on Instagram and profile picture are crucial.

If someone visits the Instagram page, they’ll examine a few factors before deciding whether or not follow your account.

They first look at your bio and profile picture. For most mobile devices the bio and profile picture make up the bulk of the space. This is referred to as “above-the-fold” when it comes to web designs, and refers to the content that the user will see before scrolling. Below is a picture of how is above-the-fold:

What if the user was only able see the top three photos of my Story Highlights. My profile photo and bio, as well as three Instagram pictures? It doesn’t matter whether I have a gallery of the top images on the planet and If my bio doesn’t grab the attention of users, they’ll not be inclined to scroll through the other posts I’ve posted.

4. Plan Your Instagram Blog Content

This is the exciting part! Now is the time to begin creating your content and posting on Instagram!

Since your Instagram will function as your blog, you’re not going be able to point users to the 500+ word content. Your Instagram account will be the primary focus!

If your Instagram will be used as your primary platform, you’ll have to be posting daily at a minimum (including posts and stories).

5. Create Captivating Instagram Captions

Your captions are the text for your photos. They will assist you in telling what you are telling your followers and, since you’re blogging on Instagram captions are an essential (and often ignored) element!

Captions encourage your viewers to look beyond the beautiful image you’ve uploaded.

Photos are worth 1,000 words however, a picture with a well-thought-out caption can be valuable for 10,000 words.

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7. Use High-Performing Hashtags

It is also important to search for hashtags that are relevant to your profile! Common hashtags like “#love” or “#follow” are extremely generic and not extremely useful.

They aren’t geared towards any particular population and won’t bring targeted traffic to your account.

If you select an appropriate mix of hashtags that are niche and not too competitive it increases the chance of your blog being read to more users is increased!

8. Create Quality Media

Instagram is a highly competitive platform and you should ensure that the photos (and videos) that you upload are of high-quality.

Certain phones can create stunning images. Many bloggers make use of their phones to take the perfect shot.

9. Monetizing Your Instagram

There is more information on earning money to write posts to Instagram on this page However, let’s get to the basics, shall we?

There are three methods to earn money from Instagram. For each of them I’m linking to a useful blog post that will go in greater detail:

  1. Content sponsored by sponsors brands pay you to talk about their products. This is among the most well-known ways that influencers earn money through using their Instagram accounts. Find out ways to work with brands to become an influencer even if you have only a few followers.
  2. Links to affiliates If you promote products that you enjoy using HTML0, you could earn a percentage of sales through the affiliate links. Sign up for various affiliate programmes here.
  3. Making your own product It’s not exclusively for influencers who have millions of fans! You can start selling digital downloads right now. Have a look at this list of digital products to start!

It’s always a good idea to diversify your strategy for monetization and I suggest exploring all three strategies to determine what works best for you.


Writing on Instagram certainly has its advantages. It’s not necessary to worry about managing your website or writing 1000or more words of content!

Starting a blog on Instagram is a great idea if you are just wanting to test the waters out and see whether or not you want to create content for a living.

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