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How to select the best engagement ring for a man?

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 How to select the best engagement ring for a man?

Are you planning to be engaged but do not want to marry your partner right away? You can discuss with your would-be life partner and prepare for an engagement party to make an official announcement of your commitment to each other. The special engagement ring is a symbol of your love and dedication towards your gentleman. It is not just a random ring; it shows how much you care for your partner. It is a precious gift to remember this time for you both. You can plan some surprise for your partner to make him happy for life long. Generally, braided-metal bands and solid metal bands are more preferable by men.  


Find a perfect engagement ring for a man

Nowadays you can find many designer rings for man. Various types of gender-specific engagement ring that is available in the jewellery market. You can find a beautiful designer ring for your partner, but you require following some essential steps to help you choose a perfect one.  Let’s have a look towards these steps.

  • Current jewellery 

The first step is to understand your partner preference over a ring. You need to find out what type of ring he wears usually and what extra effort you can give in his engagement ring. Your effort for finding him a good ring will show your care and love to him.

  • Partner usual style

 The second step is to find out his preferred type of jewellery. There is a massive difference in the bands of a man and woman. You need to take care of his liking style like – diamond rings, platinum ring, titanium rings, yellow or white gold rings. You need to check what he usually prefers, and according to that, you can plan your engagement ring.

  • Size of the ring

The third step is choosing the perfect size of the ring. While selecting an engagement ring, you should check the size of your partner usual ring. It will make you an idea of your partner ring size, and you can take the assistance of a jewellery shop to find a suitable ring for your partner. Try to avoid randomly taking your engagement ring size.

  • Budget-friendly

The fourth step is choosing an engagement ring within your budget. Generally, men’s engagement rings are relatively less expensive than woman rings. You can do window-shopping on engagement ring collection; it can give an idea of the jewellery market’s overall price range.  You can sit at your home and compare all the prices of the engagement ring. Latter you can decide your cost range and order online, or you can go to a jewellery shop to select the best one for your gentleman. 


This article has given you an overall idea of men’s preference towards a Tungsten carbide ring for engagement. As every individual has different taste in jewelry, it will be better for you to note down your partner preference and avoid taking your male friends’ general suggestion or may consider trending silicone rings for your wedding 

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