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How to Improve Your Instagram Game using A Consistent Grid and Theme?

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Improve Instagram game

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If you’ve learned how to create a flawless first impression by putting your stamp on it in your pumped out branding Instagram biography (here are seven tips to remember when creating your Instagram bios and bios) this is the perfect time to reconsider your strategy for content. You already have one isn’t it? You ought to.

Instagram can impact the financial performance of your company. For that it is necessary to grow the size of your Instagram impact. A uniform theme and grid will aid in that.

Social media is a place for people to learn more about your company, its brand employees, products, employees and even your mission. They select a platform they like the most. Currently, Instagram is one of the most loved. Photos are what grabs attention quickly. Your viewers make a quick judgment after viewing these photos, and decide if they like what they see or would like to continue following.


In this post I offer some suggestions for getting the maximum benefit from your brand’s Instagram profile using the same grid.


The grid

Grid is a arrangement of your profile photos. The grid is all about how each photo looks like when viewed together. Don’t hesitate to declare that it’s the most important feature of Instagram.


Are the images on your grid cohesive as you scroll through them? Or are they mixed and matched totally different, and not structured? Check out your profile for your brand and see whether it has a consistent style or not. It provides information about the profile and also the company’s.

People are drawn to the content they see. How do you attract them?


The first step is to have to determine the theme. Decide what you intend to display and then define what will help you stand out , and also make your content uniform.


Here are a few examples of different industries, businesses, and different sizes that can inspire you.


You can adhere to the particular colors:


  • People Footwear
  • Albums

or only one color, for example, the color of your brand and then use it as an accent to your various photos, while still providing the impression of uniformity just as Hub Spot has recently did:


It is possible to tie to bright, well-lit photos or, in the opposite create photos that have dominant dark shades your preferred.


  • The most sinister
  • Dennis The Prescott

Another approach is to design special graphics using graphic designers to give an artistic flair to the photos within the grid.


  • The Icon Agency
  • Matsuda Eyewear

In addition, the process of editing photos using particular filters and software is a good way to create cohesion in multi-thematic photos.

Much depends on the topic and approach you select to create the design of your Instagram company profile. And the number of followers you get through buying Swedish Instagram followers. Remember that even though it may be a brand profile that includes photos of the products, that does not mean that you have to repeat the same photos every single time. Contact your brand’s personality and purpose.

Here’s a fantastic illustration of how to position an item, communicate the mission of the company, and also provide gorgeous content. Seacoast photos of landscapes and watches can work in tandem to attract the attention of your customers.



Additionally, you can make up a new game using the everyday items that you offer.

Lidl Poland


Whichever you decide to choose the area you want to focus on that you want to focus on is aesthetics, style or color, Connect to these strengths, so you’ll be able to maximize and make the most of Instagram. Instagram game. I’ve mentioned before that people subscribe to your blog because they like the style of content. When you decide to upload something completely different from the way they’re used to it, users aren’t likely to love the image in the same way because it will be different from what they’d expected. To attract attention and gain likes, ensure that you offer the same type of content that users use to.


Okay, now that you decide on a theme for your profile and the way it will stand out now is the time to think about how to stay consistent but also not get boring.


The Content Plan

In the first place, if you choose to stick to the same idea of creativity for your grid does not mean you have to use the same type of images. As you will see in some examples above, you are able to showcase different aspects of your company and brand while remaining uniform.


Furthermore, selecting a filters or color schemes makes it easier to integrate mixed-theme photos. It is possible to show the backstage of your business, introduce employees, display CSR events, live coverage of products, events as well as content created by users. But, the grid would be the same if you consider the way you would like to share photos instead of posting them.


An important point to follow is to not publish similar images in rows. If you have made a few photos it is an excellent idea to mix them up by using a chessboard layout or a different key you choose to made.

For instance, if you manage a coffee shop, you could blend photos of desserts, coffee mugs as well as the people who work there as well as guests and interiors. An excellent resource is a software that lets you visualize your grid.


Be aware that any tool we use that connect us to Instagram must be secure and approved. My suggestion is Planoly. It will show previous images of your profile and permits you to upload more and through drag and drop features, you can create your next feed.

It’s an excellent method to make sure that your grid appears very professional.


Instagram offers us a variety of new features and options that could and should be used. It also offers diversity while remaining in our personal brand mood.

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To sum up

Most people are following accounts that adhere to the standards they’re famous for and the kind of content they post. Keep these guidelines in mind:


  • Select your strength and tie it to it.
  • Create your grid in a visual way and then curate you Instagram account.

When you consider how you would like to upload pictures instead of simply publishing them on Instagram, you will be able to make use of the effectiveness of Instagram without doing any extra work.

A distinctive theme, consistent grid and a plan for content will bring your website to the next stage.


Talking about words, the next article in the series will be themed around words.

Learn how to interact with your followers through writing effective description of your photos that are engaging for viewers. Also, you will learn the best hashtags you should use to boost your profile, and which might make you a target for a lawsuit.

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