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How do custom pillow boxes affect your business?

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custom pillow boxes

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Pillow boxes are much in vogue. Their specific shape and style make them ideal for handling different items. They have also been doing rounds for a long time, and their popularity is still on the high. What is so special about custom pillow boxes? And how do they impact your business? In this article, we try to answer these questions and explore them in detail.

What is a pillow box?

A pillow box gets its name from its shape. It is made just like a pillow. The body has flaps by the sides that fold inwards to complete the form of a pillow. Some pillow boxes use glues, while some glue locks the flaps. Pillow boxes come in different sizes, from small to large. Also, they have a varying degree of thickness and paper quality.

Custom pillow boxes and their distinct advantages:

A custom pillow box and packaging is a bespoke box per the customer’s requirements. It is made according to the product it is supposed to carry. It also has distinct printing, coating, and other features apart from a regular pillow box. Let us now briefly discuss some of the advantages of custom pillow boxes.

Easy to handle and convenient:

Custom pillow boxes are easy to carry and are highly portable. Their shape makes them people-friendly as even a child can easily hold them, and they do not pose any significant risk of mishandling.

Protects the product well:

A pillow box cloaks the product comprehensively and protects it from shocks, impacts, and accidental falls. Their shape supports the product, and you can transport them over long distances without any fear.

It is an ideal gift packing:

The shape of the custom pillow box is such that it is a ready-made gift packing. the gift item inside it and maybe wrap a ribbon around it. Those buyers who want a gift for their loved ones prefer custom pillow boxes, which adds to their appeal.

Ideal for your brand’s promotion:

Custom pillow packaging is broad. There is ample room for you to print any information related to your brand. You can put in your company’s logo, tagline, brand name, company’s name, and any other information that you deem fit. Such information will help you promote your company’s name and act as silent marketers.

Plenty of customization options:

You can do a lot with your custom pillow box. It depends on what product you intend to put inside it.
According to its nature, you can customize the package in different ways to make it more appealing and alluring. You can go for spot UV, embossing, debossing, foil stamping, and even scented labeling. The box is your canvas, and you can create beautiful artwork.

What materials can you use to produce custom pillow boxes?

It is another advantage of custom pillow boxes that you can get them made in different materials. We are listing down some of these materials. Each material carries its merits, as we will discuss briefly.

Kraft material:

It is an eco-friendly material made from bio-degradable elements. It gives a positive impression to buyers that the company is aware of the climatic changes taking place in the world and is doing its bit to mitigate the situation. The material is solid and sturdy and gives protection and support to the product.

Cardboard material:

It is the most popular type of material used to produce not only custom pillow boxes but also other boxes. It is economical, readily available, and is very strong too.

Corrugated material:

It is a specialized form of cardboard material. He is made of three or more cardboard sheets, with one sheet having a wavy texture. They gives it an extra layer of support and protection, which is why people go for this type of material.

What can you do to make the custom pillow boxes more attractive?

You can do the following to make them more presentable to the buyers.

Use attractive colors and themes:

Colors give the box its unique character and identity. Use them in combination to create a captivating impact on the customer. Also, you can use attractive patterns and designs to entice the customer. It will especially appeal to the customers looking to use them as gift boxes.

Window cut-out designs:

You can also use window cut-outs to make custom pillow boxes more elegant. These cut-outs reveal part of the product inside the box and look beautiful. You can create these cut-outs in different shapes and designs, and they will add to the box’s charms.

Add-on print options:

We talked about these when discussing the benefits of custom pillow boxes. These options can make the box look like a piece of art. You can experiment with different printing styles, coatings, and finishing.
You can go for a shiny finishing, a smooth texture, gold printing, digital graphics, and so many other things. The use of technology has opened a floodgate of options here, and you can pick one or more to enhance its look.

We also like to talk about a company here that is producing custom pillow boxes. It goes by the name of Fast Custom Boxes. It believes in fast service at affordable rates with no compromise on quality like its name. You can always rely on them, and they will not let you down.

You can choose from a variety of finishes, including a shiny finish, a smooth texture, gold printing, digital graphics, and many other options. Its appearance has been enhanced by the application of technology, and you can choose one or more of these alternatives to improve it.

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A company that manufactures bespoke pillow cases is another something we’d like to discuss here at the office. Fast Custom Boxes is the company that provides this service. It, like its name suggests, believes in providing speedy service at an economical price without compromising on quality. Their dependability and dependability are certain, and they will not let you down.


That wraps up our topic of custom pillow boxes and packaging. We have tried to cover all the essential aspects and highlight their varied benefits. He hope you know how they can positively affect your business and what benefits you can get from them. Their hope this has been helpful.

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