October 27, 2021

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Here is How to Get The Car Maintenance Right

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Cars have a commute duty to perform on a daily basis. This is why it is very important to ensure that the cars keep on running on a daily basis, without breaking down. And for this, regular car maintenance comes into play. Occasional visits to the car mechanic help ensure the vehicle is running smoothly and saves you from hefty expenses.

Having said that, below mentioned are some of the habits of car service Dubai that will ensure happy motoring while you are on road:

Dashboard Warning Lights

Modern vehicle electronics are engineered in such a manner that you can tell them if there is a problem with any vital components. This does so when going through a combination of 15 different warning lights. They clearly tell you about any issue, whether it is related to brakes, engine, battery, or any fluid.

Therefore, it is very important to check your dashboard every time you start your car. If there is any warning light, make sure you troubleshoot it therein. If it continues to happen, try visiting the nearest garage. No one wants to come across a car breakdown in the middle of nowhere. Therefore, timely assistance can take you a long way.

Right Car Fuel

Accidents happen, but putting in the wrong fuel can turn out to be a very expensive accident. Here’s how. Adding petrol to a diesel engine creates a greater amount of friction between the moving parts. As for the diesel engine, the petrol engine is less common. The reason being the pump necks are thin so it’s impossible. Even if you get any diesel fuel in the car, it probably won’t start at all, because it needs to be compressed, before it ignites, and that compression is not really possible.

There are possible ways to eliminate the chance of getting the wrong fuel. One is to put a clear label for each fuel inlet. The other one is to install a mis-fueling device that will open if the right fuel nozzle is inserted.

In adverse cases, even if you have put the wrong fuel, avoid turning on the engine. It is better to push them to a side and safer place and ask for breakdown assistance to have it fixed.

Car Tires

On a weekly basis and even before the beginning of the long journey, it is very important to fill the tires adequately. Experts believe that the tires tend to naturally lose 1-3PSI (pounds per square inch) of pressure each month. While it may not be that visible to the naked eye, they tend to lose more as you drive regularly. After all, there are all sorts of bumps and potholes that can potentially flatten the tire.

The car tire pressure varies from one car to another, so it is better to check from the car manual for the right pressure level and fill it up accordingly.

Do Not Overload

Cramming all the favorite and important stuff into the car can be tempting, especially if you are heading off for a vacation. But as an intelligent car owner, you should avoid it at all costs. The reason being, we are quite aware of the possible charges that we can get for doing so. In addition to this, it can be quite damaging for the car and tires. Heavier cars can overheat the car and rapidly wear it to a point that it is unsafe and expensive damage.

Therefore, make sure your car is carrying the load that’s mentioned in its manual for a long and safe driving experience.

Gentle Brakes

Typically, when applying brakes, make sure you do it gradually to avoid wearing out the pads. Too much sudden pressing of the brakes can generate large amounts of heat which can wear them out sooner than normal. This also means they’re less effective and need replacing earlier. However, it’s also important that you make emergency stops when a dangerous situation on the road calls for it.

Avoid Sudden Jumps and Potholes

Roads aren’t the best at the greatest of times, with spells of rainy weather working its way into the road surfaces and causing potholes when it expands and contracts.

Where you can (and it’s safe to do so) you should always steer clear of hitting any potholes in the road. These can cause your wheels to buckle, crack your alloys or disturb the wheel balancing/tracking.

Likewise, you should slow down for speedbumps to match the speed limit of the area you’re driving around. Hitting them at speed can be even more damaging to your car than landing in a pothole. Specifically, you could cause damage to the front and rear bumpers of your car, its underside, and the exhaust system.

Moving Ahead

In all, the above-mentioned factors give car owners a quick reminder to carry out car maintenance on a daily basis. These stretch far beyond the regular service and visiting the car wash near me. Rather, these are some careful habits that can save the car from damages.  By incorporating them, your car will remain in a better condition, sell for a better value and also save your spending on occasional breakdowns.