September 20, 2023

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Gaming ethernet cables 10 reasons why you should buy?

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Gaming ethernet cables 10 reasons why you should buy

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Ethernet cables are an essential part of gaming, but let’s face it: that cable that came with your modem or router is simply not good enough anymore.  It was never good enough, in fact!  Gaming Ethernet cables are better than they used to be, and you can tell the difference if you upgrade. And if you upgrade your ethernet cable. You can use it as a bridge between your modem and router to strengthen the signal. Your network will benefit from both devices being closer together too. This is always a plus – especially when playing games online where low latency is everything.

Let us explain why buying high-end ethernet cables makes sense for gamers. However, if you’ve decided to upgrade your ethernet cable then be sure to check out as they have great recommendations and reviews for gaming ethernet cables.

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  1. You want performance

Look at most modern games and you can see they look fantastic – but only because developers put a lot of effort into rendering incredible graphics on your screen. To give you the best experience possible, your network needs to be running smoothly too. Many factors affect this – including the number of devices simultaneously connected to your network, your ISP’s performance, other people in your household accessing the internet… But the ethernet cable you use is also important.

A lot of gamers will tell you they experience stuttering while playing online – and it makes sense to assume that slowed data transfer could cause lag. If this happens, then upgrading to a better ethernet cable might help because it can carry data more quickly. The quality of the wire itself matters too. Some cables are made with aluminium instead of copper wires, which can affect speed. Generally speaking, thicker cables are better for gaming.

2 . You want reliability

Imagine you’ve worked hard all day on creating an incredible level for your new map, and it’s ready to play online. But one of the players in your match is experiencing terrible lag… because their old ethernet cable can’t handle the bandwidth required for a smooth gaming session.

Upgrading potentially solves this problem. Not only do you reduce the chance of issues, but being able to enjoy great reliability is vital when playing games as competitive as Overwatch or CS:GO – where every fraction of a second might count.

3 . You’re curious

Okay, so you don’t actually need a superior ethernet cable – but upgrading from that thin, brittle wire that came with your modem might be worth it just to see what a difference it makes to your network’s performance! There are some pretty decent cables on the market now, and playing games is all about having fun – so if you feel like this upgrade might be worth it, why not give it a try?

4 . You want to future-proof your network (just in case)

What’s that?  You don’t plan on upgrading your modem or router any time soon and you’re happy with your current set up? Well we can understand that too. But if you’re curious about what else the ethernet cable upgrade has to offer – such as better speeds (if those copper thicker wires prove their worth!) – then buying one now means you’ve got a spare. Even if gigabit ethernet isn’t available everywhere yet, who knows what will happen in the future?

5 . You want to improve your home’s wifi connection

Who hasn’t experienced a bad wireless signal in their living room before? We know we have! And if you upgrade your ethernet cable, you can use it as a bridge between your modem and router to strengthen the signal. Your network will benefit from both devices being closer together too, which is always a plus – especially when playing games online where low latency is everything.

6 . You’re building an awesome gaming rig

Whether it’s for Overwatch or upcoming horror release – Prey, you want to make sure that rig is ready for any challenge thrown at it – right? And one of those challenges could be a high-end PC video game, so it’s good to be prepared. For the best possible performance, you’ll need a solid internet connection – and that’s why upgrading to a superior ethernet cable could be in your future.

7 . You want peace of mind

When it comes to playing games online, latency is everything – which means trouble-free data transfer is pretty important too! If you’re looking for something cool to try out this weekend (or perhaps during your upcoming holiday) why not give upgrading your cables a go? We’d love to know how it works out if you do…

8 . You believe what you read on the internet! (a gaming nerd)!!

And finally, just because we enjoy having fun here, doesn’t mean we don’t want our readers to be fully informed – which is why we’re sharing this blog on gaming ethernet cables and their benefits.  Our goal with this article was to provide information about the technology, what it can do for your network and highlight some potential benefits of upgrading. Of course, there’s no denying that gaming is more fun when you’ve got a lag-free connection.

Why You Should Replace Your Ethernet Cable?

There are various reasons why you should replace your Ethernet cable. Some people argue that the low-quality cables provided by ISPs when they install their broadband service are not reliable enough for certain activities like gaming, streaming video or downloading large files. Most of these connections come with an Ethernet cable that is capable of transferring data at 10/100Mbps (Megabits per second).

Final Words

So, this article is all about why you should replace your Ethernet cable. We hope that the points mentioned above will help you to understand why it’s important to buy a quality cable at an affordable price. The speed of these cables varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and also depends on the material used in its construction.

That’s why you should always check the specs before buying an Ethernet cable. Better cables are capable of transferring data at Gigabit speed (1000/10000Mbps). There is nothing more frustrating than getting lag while playing online multiplayer games or experiencing buffering issues while streaming videos. That’s why it’s important to get your hands on a high-quality Ethernet cable, which will make all the difference in terms of your overall user experience.

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