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Are You Looking to Make Friends Online? You Have to Use the Tool

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Are You Looking to Make Friends

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Online friendship has become one of the most popular methods to meet potential love interests. According to statista.com, there were 44.2 million users of online friendship websites and apps in the United States in 2020. During COVID-19, this number was even higher, which makes sense, given the restrictions of social distancing.

When online friendship, one thing is certain; you should take everything that people tell you with a grain of salt. How can you discover the truth about people that you meet on online website? A people search is the answer.

Why should you use a people search service?

Remember the number of people who are using online social platforms? Nearly half of the people who use these services have admitted to lying on their profiles. There are those who tell small lies, like cutting back their age by a couple of years. On the other side, there are people who lie about bigger issues, like their relationship status. In fact, social media services have become a hub for married people who seek extramarital activities. And we have not even mentioned catfishers.

There are people who falsify entire identities to trick others. These are just some of the reasons why it is crucial to perform an online people search. There are many people who have a domestic violence criminal record and people who are registered sex offenders. Before you date someone that you do not know very well, it is imperative to perform a person search.

The quickest way to find credible information is by performing an online people search. Such a search is based on public records, so it will provide you with accurate information about people. Why? Because, public records are the records that maintained by official agencies in the United States.

When you access such records, you can discover a person’s entire history, and decide if you want to date them. One of the best resources for such records is People Search – a licensed and credible public records search website. By providing the full name and state of residence of an individual, you will discover if they told you the truth about themselves.

What information does ProPeopleSearch.com provide?

ProPeopleSearch.com provides unlimited access to public records. Meaning, the website has access to personal public records in every state. Also, the search services on the website are unlimited; you can perform numerous queries, without paying for every search. So, what data can you get with this tool? Here are some of the details that ProPeopleSearch.com provides:

  • Age (via birth records)
  • Marital status (via court records)
  • Criminal history (via criminal records)
  • Aliases

The name-based search is quick and provides an online report within a few minutes. However, what should you do in a case where someone has given you a false name? ProPeopleSearch.com has got its users covered with this one. The website provides an address-based search directory, as well as a phone number-based directory.

Bottom line

Online social platforms is a great way to meet potential love interests and friends. However, it is important for you to be protective of yourself and do your research, before meeting strangers. ProPeopleSearch.com’s people search directory will provide you with all the information that you need, and you can use it 24/7, all year round.

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