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Affordable and Smart EchoStar Home Appliances of 2020 for Your Home

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Some things evolve to become necessities. Such is the case with home appliances. The convenience and the comfort they offer make them a need for every home. The home appliance market in Pakistan is witnessing consistent innovation and has shown considerable growth in the last two decades. There is a long list of companies offering home appliance, electronic appliances, and kitchen appliances to the Pakistani people at a broad range of prices. In a country where the recession has squeezed the disposable income of consumers, saving becomes a significant way of living. Home appliances save your cost and time, therefore people are buying more appliances than ever before. 

This is why you can find a broad variety of appliances for almost every income segment today. From air conditioners to heaters, LEDs, washing machines, food processors, multi-function juicers, to sandwich makers, there is an appliance for every need. The brands that are doing particularly well when it comes to home appliances are Gree and EcoStar. They have both enjoyed widespread acceptance, they offer quality products, they are known for their durability, they are affordable, and they both have a significant focus on customer service as well as after-sales service. Let us give you a snapshot of EcoStar’s appliances below. 

3-In-1 Juicer Blender Grinder- One of Our Star Performers Among Juicers/Blenders

 The EcoStar 3-in-1 Juicer Blender Grinder can perform all three functions of blending, grinding, and also act as a portable juicer. It is operated by a copper motor with a power of 500 Watts. The reason for using copper winding is that it ensures a long life for your machine and it can do extensive work in one go. The machine has two-speed modes and is equipped with a pulse button for operation. It comes with a plastic pusher and a cleaning brush. It has a stainless steel spinner for ensuring a long life. 

The EcoStar 3-in-1 Juicer Blender Grinder is detachable so that you can wash all parts easily. This juice machine has very little weight and you can use it as a portable juicer blender. It has a price of Rs.6600, which is very reasonable for a 3-in-1 machine. Customers have given very positive feedback for this multi-function juicer.

EcoStar Table Blender 2-in-1- Another One of Our Best Multi-Function Juicers

Another of EcoStar’s best Juicer machines, this 2-in-1 can blender acts as a juicer as well as a blender. It has a 350 Watt copper motor, which is powerful enough for juice extraction and blending. The plastic version comes with a 1.5 Liter plastic jar. The glass model has a glass jar. The muddler makes it easier to mix ingredients while performing the blending operation. The grinding can be use for grinding a variety of ingredients. The glass model has a 500 Watt motor. Its parts are constructer from stainless steel. 

The juicer machine price matters little when it is of high quality such as the EcoStar Table blender 2-in-1. The price of the plastic model is Rs.3990 and the price of the glass juicer blender is Rs.5200 only. It is the best juicer blender one can get at this price, with so many features and such high quality. Customer reviews for this product are positive and reflect its success in the market.

EcoStar Electric Kettle-The Most Common and Useful Kitchen Appliance

Whenever one talks about useful appliances, the electric kettle will always be a part of this discussion. Everyone drinks tea or coffee and everyone needs hot water. The usefulness of the electric kettle in households cannot be denied. Whether you have to boil water quickly or use it for making hot drinks it is an essential part of your kitchen.

EcoStar has two different kettles to offer, a plastic model and a stainless steel model. Both are equippe with the same size motor (200 Watts) and a capacity of 1.7 Liters. The electric tea kettle is equipped with a high-quality heating plate for efficient heating. It has a light indicator for checking the water level. The plastic kettle comes in two colors; white and black. The electric kettle price of the stainless steel kettle is Rs.3990 and that of the plastic kettle is Rs.2850. For such a useful and durable product both these prices are very reasonable and affordable. 

EcoStar Sandwich Maker for Making Delicious Sandwiches at Home with Ease

People love sandwiches and that is why EcoStar is offering an incredible sandwich maker. You can easily make sandwiches for your guests and yourself using this sandwich machine. It has a very powerful 750 Watt motor so that you can make several sandwiches in one go. Coat with a non-stick coating which makes it convenient to clean. It comes with a thermostat so that you can change the temperature and control the toasting. The light indicator has been install to indicate when the machine is ready to cook and when it is heating. This long list of benefits makes the EcoStar sandwich maker one of the best sandwich makers in the market.

The Best Provider of Home Appliances in Pakistan

There are many companies that are offering a wide range of products that can provide several benefits at affordable prices. These include kitchen, electronic, and home appliances belonging to two of the most reputable brands in the country. However, not every company is providing quality products to the consumers who end up losing their hard earned money due to low quality products.

Though EcoStar has made inroads into the Pakistani market recently but has shown tremendous growth in a very short period. Gree is already well known in Pakistan when it comes to air conditioners, oil heaters, refrigerators, etc. Both these brands are fast becoming the primary choice of consumers owing to their durability, reliability, affordability, and after-sales service.

There are many organizations that are offering a wide scope of items that can give a few advantages at reasonable costs. These incorporate kitchen, electronic, and home apparatuses having a place with two of the most respectable brands in the country. Be that as it may, few out of every odd organization is giving quality items to the purchasers who wind up losing their well deserved cash because of inferior quality items.

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