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10 Ideas to Maintain the House according to Vastu Shastra

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Vastu shastra brings fresh winds into our lives and fills our environment with beneficial energies. How is the process going? Simply put, our environment not only affects our comfort and mood, but also our health, harmony, relationships, work and material well-being. We have now brought ten pieces of advice that can be taken to heart by those who do not believe in vastu shastra.


Here are some proven ideas for making the most of our living environment:

1. There is no life without light! 

The alternation of darkness and light has a calming effect on the body, helping to relax after a long, tiring day. Vastu in Ludhiana is based primarily on indirect lights: instead of a bright, large ceiling light, several smaller light sources, e.g. place a reading lamp, a spotlight for the bookcase, scented candles or lighted pictures in the apartment.

2. Order and few additional elements characterize vastu shastra

It harnesses the healing power of nature by always using decorative elements appropriate to the particular season.

3. Every room should have a free center!

Like village markets, life energy gathers here and flows from here – or not! If we have to occupy the middle of the space by all means, create a free space in a corner of the room.

4. Have you heard of the concept of an escape instinct?

Although we no longer live in a cave, the escape instinct has not disappeared from us. For example, if we sit back to back in a room with an open space, we will get nervous and tense after a while. And those who are nervous cannot turn off or relax. Based on this, he considers the basic concept of vastu shastra to be that seating furniture, beds, etc. always placed in front of a stable wall. If we feel the wall behind us and can capture the open space with our eyes, we will calm down. For example, a desk is best placed if it is not located behind the door and not directly opposite the window.

5. During the day, the curtains must be completely, but at least partially, pulled out!

Through the “eyes of the house,” the strip flows through the window into the apartment. This feature must not be left unused!

6. A healthy green and always some flowering plant will beneficially increase the energy of the space

If you don’t really have a sense of plants, you can try using natural materials and motifs as wall decoration.

7. Massive, depressing beams, deep, sloping ceilings or sleeping directly in front of a window are forbidden!

When placing the bed, make the most of the energy centre of the room so that you have a perfect view of the space around you from the maximum safety of the bed. According to astrologer Ludhiana and the rules of vastu shastra, the bedroom should be calm, do not affect the flow of energy with electrical devices and mirrors.

8. Starting from the center of the apartment, the female energy field is located in the southwest 

The female members of the house should live out their creative instincts in this space.

9. Warm, earthy colors used in the living space play a crucial role in creating the atmosphere needed for relaxation

Pillows, blankets, curtains, etc. represent character optics. Rooms should be brighter and brighter from floor to ceiling. Light floors and dark ceilings are prohibited in the living areas.

10. Have a corner in the apartment, which we will transform into a space suitable for retreat, relaxation and cuddling with warm, caressing textures!

Through this, we create a nook for the family where you can retreat after a day of stress, but even guests can enjoy spending time in a pleasant environment.

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